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Where we began

Somedays, managing diabetes is as much of an art as it is a science.

We started this journey because of Carter.  He was apprehensive about life and often secluded himself because of the anxiety he carried.  Max was not just a means of catching dangerous 'lows' but also a pathway to freedom and an improved emotional state.





We're on the fundraising road.  It's a non-stop whirlwind until the funds are raised.  It's difficult!  Though we're not salesmen (or women) or marketing executives, we're spreading the word about T1D alert dogs and trying to educate others as to what they are and what they're not.

Though this was started for Carter, it's morphed into something so much bigger. Being a T1D is hard! Why not offer as many individuals as possible the chance to load up their diabetic toolbelt with as many tools as possible to manage this beast of a disease?! Help us take money out of the equation.