What are we doing?
Many of you know that Carter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 6.  As a parent, you do anything you can to make a situation like this easier for your child and provide peace of mind for your family as well. Though diabetes is not a terminal diagnosis as we commonly think of cancer or tragic accidents, it is life changing in many ways, and the complications of diabetes can certainly be life threatening. One such situation occurs when Carter experiences extreme changes in his blood sugar.  Trained Diabetes service dogs provide a reliable means for combating the danger of hypoglycemic episodes as well as alerting when blood sugars get too high.  Extreme "lows" can lead to unconciousness, seizures and even comas.  "Highs" lead to major vascular damage, affecting  microvasculature in the arms, legs and vital organs.  Max will be a safety net when all the equipment at our disposal becomes inadequate.  Additionally, these dogs are calming  companions when a diabetic feels that no one else understands the disease. 

Funding this Initiative
Carter is seeking to raise $18,000 to fund his service dog, Max.  Max is a Goldendoodle who has been trained for the past 18 months by Beverly Schwartz of All Purpose Canines, Inc. in Ranger, TX. The funds he raises will meet the following objectives:

  • The cost of Max and his veterinary care
  • The cost of 2 years of intensive training
  • Travel costs to fly Carter and his parents to Texas for 1 week of training prior to bringing Max home
  • Service Dog Certification supplies

How We Raise Funds
1)  Our family is organizing several fundraisers that will be published on the 'fundraisers' page on this site as well as on our facebook group page.  You can donate money through the fundraiser and the service/product offered.  Keep coming back to check out our online store.  We'll let you know when it's all set up.

2)  If you're not in a position to participate in one of our fundraisers and you want to support our cause, you can donate by clicking here

3)  Share!  We simply ask that if this is something that you can get behind, share it on your Facebook or Twitter pages

We're grateful for any support you are able to offer.  We absolutely cannot do this without you!